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p.fay.110 = HGV P.Fay. 110 = Trismegistos 10775 = columbia.apis.p387

DDbDP transcription: p.fay.110 [xml]

AD94 Euhemeria

Λουκις(*) Βελλιῆνος(*) Γέμελλος
Ἐπαγαθῶι τῶι ἰ(*)δίωι χαίρειν.
εὖ ποιήσεις κομισάμενός μου
τὴν [ἐ]πιστ[ο]λὴν ἀναγκάσας
5ἐκχω̣σθῆναι τὸ ἐν αὐτῶι κόπριον
(*)να καταβ[ο]λαῖον γένηται ὃ λέγεις
ταμε[ῖ]ον(*), κ[α]ὶ τὰ κύκλωι τοῦ ἐλαι-
οὐργίου(*) ἔξωθεν σκάψον ἐπὶ βάθος
(*)να μὴ εὐυ(*)πέρβατον(*) ἦι τὸ ἐλαι-
10ούργιον, καὶ χώρισον τὸ κόπριον
εἰς τὴν κοπρηγίαν, καὶ λιμναζέ-
τωσαν ἡμῶν τοὺς κλήρους πάν-
τας ἵ[ν]α τὰ πρόβατα ἐκεῖ κοιμηθῆι,
καὶ το[ὺ]ς ἐ[λαι]ῶνας τὸ δεύτερον
15[ὕ]δω[ρ] ποτ[ισ]άτωσαν(*), καὶ διάβα εἰς
Διον[υ]σιά[δα] καὶ γνῶθι εἰ πεπότισ-
ται ὁ [ἐ]λαιὼν δυσὶ ὕ(*)δασι καὶ δεδι-
[κ]ράν[ισται, εἰ] δέ̣ τ̣ι̣ μὴ ποτισθήτωι(*)
κ̣α̣ὶ ε̣ν̣[  ̣]τ̣ε  ̣[  ̣  ̣]  ̣  ̣ ἀσφαλῶς δικρανισ-
20[θ]ῆ̣ μ̣[  ̣  ̣]κ̣  ̣α  ̣[  ̣] αὐτοὺς διαπέσηι, καὶ
[δ]οὺς   ̣[  ̣  ̣  ̣ κα]ὶ̣ Ψέλλον του(*) σιτολόγους
[  ̣]  ̣υχ  ̣[  ̣  ̣ καὶ] Χαιρᾶν τὸν γρ(αμματέα) τῶν
[γε]ωρ[γῶν καὶ] Ἡρακλᾶν (δραχμὰς) ϙ καὶ τόκους,
καὶ Χα[ιρᾶ]ν [τό]ν ποτε πράκτορα (δραχμὰς) κδ,
25καὶ Διδᾶν [  ̣]δ̣ου̣ν τιμ(ὴν) κριθ(ῆς) (δραχμὰς) σμ καὶ τόκ(ους),
καὶ Ἥρωνα τόν ποτε ἡγούμ(ενον) τόκ(ους) (ἐτῶν) β
(δραχμὰς) ρκ. καὶ τὰς θύρας ἐπιστησάτωσαν
οἱ τέκτονες· πέμπω δέ σοι τὰ σχοι-
νία. τὰς δὲ ὠλένας τοῦ ἐλαιουργίου
30δ[ι]πλᾶς ποίησον, τὰς δὲ τῶν κα-
ταβολα[ί]ω(ν) ἁ[π]λᾶς. ἔρρωσο.
(ἔτους) ιδ Αὐτοκράτορος Καίσαρος Δομιτιανοῦ
[Σ]εβασ[τοῦ Γερμ]ανικοῦ, μηνὸς Γερμανικοῦ ιδ.
μὴ οὖν [ἄ]λλως ποιήσῃς.
35ἀπόδος Ἐπαγαθῷ ἀπὸ Λουκίου Βελλιήνου(*) Γεμέλλου.


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^ r.7-8. l. ἐλαι|ουργείου
^ r.9. ϊνα papyrus
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^ r.17. ϋδασι papyrus
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^ r.21. l. τοὺ<ς>
^ v.35. BL 1.131 : Βελλήνου prev. ed.

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APIS Translation (English)

Lucius Bellenus Gemellus to his own Epagathos, greetings. When you receive my letter, please have the manure heaped up in order that you may make the store place which you mention, and dig a deep trench around the oilpress outside in order that access to the winepress may not be easy, and remove the manure to the manure pile, and let them flood all our fields in order that the sheep may be folded there, and let them irrigate the oliveyards for the second time, and go over to Dionysias and find out whether the oliveyard has been watered twice and dug; and if not, let it be watered . . . and give to . . . and Psellos, the sitologoi . . . and Chairas, the scribe of the cultivators, and to Heraklas ninety drachmas and interest, and to Chairas, the former tax collector, 24 drachmas, and Didas . . . the price of the barley, 240 drachmas and interest, and to Heron, the former president (?), two years' interest, 120 drachmas. Let the carpenters put up the doors; I send you the measurements. Make the hinges(?) of the oil-press double, and those of the stores single. Goodbye. The 14th year of the Emperor Caesar Domitianus Augustus Germanicus, the 14th of the month Germanicus. Do not neglect these instructions. (Verso) Deliver to Epagathus from Lucius Bellenus Gemellus.