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AD37 Euhemeria
[Reprinted from: p.fay.29] P.Fay. 29

Ἡρακλείδῃ κωμογραμμ[α(τεῖ)]
παρὰ Μύσθου τοῦ Πενε-
ουήρεως τῶν ἀπ[ὸ Εὐ]η-
5μερίας τῆ[ς] Θεμίστου
μερίδ[ο]ς. ὁ ἀδ[ε]λ(φὸς) Πενεοῦρις
Πενεούρεως λαογραφού-
μενος περ[ὶ τ]ὴ̣[ν] προκιμέ-
νην(*) κώμην τετελεύτη-
10κεν ἐν τῷ Μεσ[ο]ρὴ μην[ὶ]
τοῦ πρώτο[υ] (ἔτους) Γαίου
Καίσαρος Σεβαστοῦ
Γερμανικοῦ. δ[ιὸ] ἐ̣[π]ιδι-
δημί(*) σοι τὸ ὑπόμνη[μ]α
15ὅπως ταγῆι τοῦ[το τὸ] ὄ̣ν̣[ο]μ̣α̣
ἐν τῆι τῶν [τετ]ελευτη-
κότων τάξ[ει κατὰ] τ̣ὸ̣ ἔ̣[θ]ος.
[Μύσθης Πενεούρεως]
ὡς (ἐτῶν) μ̣β̣ οὐ[λ(ὴ)] πήχ(ει) δεξιῷ
20υ̣  ̣  ̣ω   ̣
(ἔτους) α Γαίου Καίσαρος Σεβαστοῦ
Γερμανικοῦ, Μεσ[ο]ρὴ ι̣δ̣.
(hand 2)   ̣  ̣  ̣  ̣ (ἔτους) [α]
Γα[ίο]υ Καίσαρος
25[Σ]εβαστοῦ Γερμανικ[ο]ῦ,
Μεσορὴ ιδ.


^ 8-9. l. προκειμέ|νην
^ 13-14. l. ἐπιδί|δωμί

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APIS Translation (English)

To Heraclides, village-scribe of Euhemeria, from Mysthes, son of Peneouris, of Euhemeria in the division of Themistes. My brother Peneouris, registered as an inhabitant of the neighborhood of the said village, has died in the month of Mesore of the first year of Gaius Caesar Augustus Germanicus. I therefore present to you this notice in order that his name may be placed upon the list of deceased persons, according to custom. (signed) Mysthes, son of Peneouris, aged forty-two years, having a scar on the right fore-arm. Date and counter-signature. (Grenfell and Hunt)