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p.hib.1.75 = HGV P.Hib. 1 75 = Trismegistos 8224 = upenn.apis.74

DDbDP transcription: p.hib.1.75 [xml]

232/231 BC Hibeh

Θεόδωρος τοῖς ἐν Ταλάηι φυ(λακίταις) χαί-
ρειν. γέγραφεν ἡμῖν Πετοσῖρις ὁ̣ το-
πάρχης καὶ Πετε̣[ι]μ̣ούθης(*) ὁ̣ το-
πογρ(αμματεὺς) πεπρακέναι Φιλάμμονι
5ἐκ τοῦ Φιλοξένου κλ(ήρου) περὶ Ταλάην
χορταρ̣άκης (ἀρούρας) γ 𐅷̣. παραλαβόντες
οὖν τὸν κωμογρ(αμματέα) περιμετρήσατε
αὐτῶι, πλέον δὲ μὴ προίεσθε ὡς
πρὸς [ὑ]μᾶς τοῦ [λ]όγου ἐσομένου.
10ἔρρωσο. (ἔτους) ιε Τῦβι β̣.


^ 3. corr. ex

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APIS Translation (English)

Theodorus to the guards at Talae, greeting. Petosiris the toparch and Petimouthes the topogrammateus have written to me that they have sold to Philammon out of the holding of Philoxenus at Talae 3 2/3 arourae of grass-aracus land. Take the komogrammateus therefore with you, and measure the area to him, but do not part with any more, knowing that you will be held responsible. Good-bye. The 15th year, Tubi 2. (Grenfell & Hunt)