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p.mich.18.773 = HGV P.Mich. 18 773 = Trismegistos 8767 = michigan.apis.3049

DDbDP transcription: p.mich.18.773 [xml]

ca. 194 BC Oxyrhyncha

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
1[⁦ -ca.?- ⁩]λ̣ω̣ι̣ [  ̣  ̣ κα-]
[ταβαλόντο]ς μου κατὰ
μῆνα (δραχμὰς) Ατ καὶ εὐτα-
κτηκότος μου ἕως Παχὼν
5ὧν τ̣ὰ̣ σ̣ύ̣μ̣[β]ολα ἔ̣χ̣ω.
τῆι δὲ ε το̣[ῦ] Παῦνι
εὑρών με ὁ Πτολε̣μαῖος
ἐν τῶι ἀργυροκοπίωι ἐν Κρο-
κοδίλων πόλει κατέστη-
10σέ με ἐπὶ τὴν τράπεζαν
καὶ παρέδωκεν Μενελάωι
τῶι κατὰ πόλιν καί [μ]ου λέ-
γοντος μηθὲν ὀφείλε[ι]ν συν-
έταξεν ἐπιστῆσαί μοι μάστι-
15γας καὶ διαληφθέντος μου
εὕροσαν ἔχοντά με̣ [βῶ]λο̣ν
ἀργυρίου καὶ κάθεμα ἃ καὶ
ἀφείλετό μου \ἅπαντα (δραχμῶν) ρη/ Μενέλαος
καὶ προσαπή̣γαγεν ἕως
20πρωε̣ί̣(*) τά τε προειρημένα
ἀποστερεῖ με· ἀξιῶ οὖν
σε μεταπέμψασθαι τόν τε
Μενέλαον καὶ Πτολεμαῖον
ὅπως διὰ σοῦ̣ [τ]ὰ δίκαιά μοι
25γένηται καὶ κ̣ομίσωμαι τὰ ἐν-


^ 1.20. l. πρωί

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APIS Translation (English)

[- - -] . . . though I [paid] 1300 drachmai every month and regularly until Pachon for which I have the receipts. But on the 5th of Pauni, Ptolemaios found me in the silversmithy in Krokodilopolis, took me to the bank, and handed me over to Menelaos, the police officer in the city. Although I stated that I owed nothing, he (Ptolemaios) made him (Menelaos) whip me, and, after my person had been searched, they found that I had a lump of silver and a necklace, which Menelaos took away from me, altogether 108 drachmai in value; he led me off to prison until next morning and deprived me of the aforementioned articles. Therefore I ask that you summon Menelaos and Ptolemaios in order that I might obtain justice for myself through you and recover the objects of my complaint. Farewell.