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p.mich.5.308 = HGV P.Mich. 5 308 = Trismegistos 25200 = michigan.apis.2942

DDbDP transcription: p.mich.5.308 [xml]

I spc Tebtynis


Demotic 11 lines
1Μέρσις ὣς(*) καὶ Πύρρος Λαβησις(*) ὁμολογῶ πεπρακέναι Εὐτύχου(*) προσβετέρῳ(*) Εὐτοίχω(*) τὸν ὑπάρχοντά μοι ψιλὸν τόπον, ἐν ᾧ οἶκος καὶ ταμῖη(*), καὶ των(*) συνκυροντων(*)
παντων(*) ἐν Τεβτοίνι(*) ὧν μέτρα πάντων νοτον(*) ἐπὶ βορρᾶ πήχις(*) ἑπτά , λιβὸς ἐπʼ ἀπηλιότου(*) πήχις(*) εἴκοσι ἓξ ἡμυσον(*) , ἐπὶ δὲ παντὸς τῶν πηχισμῶν ἢ ὡσον(*) ἐὰν ὦ-
σιν, ὧν γίτονος(*) πάντων νότου Ἡρώδης(*) \τοῦ/ Ἡρώδου τοῦ <καὶ> Εἰσιδώρου αὐλὴ καὶ ἐπί τι μέρος Εὐτύχου τοῦ πριαμένου τόποι, βορρᾶ Ἑρμαίου(*) θεοῦ μεγάλου εἱερου(*)
καὶ ἐπί τι μέρος εὐρυχορία(*) τοῦ αὐτοῦ εἱεροῦ(*), λιβὸς ῥύμη βασιλική, ἀπηλιωτη(*) τοῦ αὐτοῦ Μέρσιος τόποι· ὑπὲρ ὧν καὶ ἀπέχω τὴν συνκεχορημένην(*)
5τιμὴν πᾶσαν ἐκ πλήρους διὰ χιρὸς(*) ἐκζ(*) οἴκου, καὶ βαιβαιώσω(*) {καὶ} τὴν πρᾶσιν πάσῃ βαιβαιώσι(*) ἀπὸ δημοσίων καὶ ἠδιωτικῶν(*) καὶ παντὸς εἴδους καθὼς πρόκιτα[ι].
ἔγρα̣ψεν ὑπὲρ αὐτοῦ Μαρεψῆμις Μαρεψήμιος διὰ τὸ μὴ εἰδέναι αὐτὸν γράμματα. Ἡραὶς Ὀρσενούφιος μ̣η̣τ̣ρ̣ὸ̣ς̣ Ἀ̣ρ̣ε̣τ̣ῆ̣ς̣ ἡ̣ τ̣ο̣ῦ̣ Μ̣έ̣ρ̣σ̣ι̣ο̣ς̣ γυ[νὴ εὐδοκεῖ]
τ̣ῇ̣ π̣ρ̣ά̣[σει τα]ύ̣τ̣ῃ̣ καὶ μη̣δʼ ἐπελεύσ̣[εσθαι ἐπ]ὶ̣ [τὸν] ἅπαντα̣ χ̣ρόνον μ̣η̣δ̣ʼ ἐνκαλέσιν(*) μ̣η̣δ̣ὲ̣ ἄ̣λ̣λ̣ο̣ν̣ ὑ̣π̣ὲ̣ρ̣ α̣ὐ̣τ̣ῆ̣ς̣ ἐπὶ τὸν ἅπαντα χρόνον καθὼς [πρόκειται]
Traces 1 line


^ 1. l. ὃς
^ 1. l. Λαβήσιος
^ 1. l. Εὐτύχῳ
^ 1. l. πρεσβυτέρῳ
^ 1. l. Εὐτύχου
^ 1. l. ταμεῖα
^ 1. l. τὰ
^ 1. l. συγκύροντα
^ 2. l. πάντα
^ 2. l. Τεβτύνει
^ 2. l. νότου
^ 2. l. πήχεις
^ 2. l. ἀπηλιώτου
^ 2. l. ἥμισυ
^ 2. l. ὅσοι
^ 3. l. γείτονες
^ 3. l. Ἡρώδου
^ 3. l. Ἑρμαῖον
^ 3. l. ἱερὸν
^ 4. l. εὐρυχωρία
^ 4. l. ἱεροῦ
^ 4. l. ἀπηλιώτου
^ 4. l. συγκεχωρημένην
^ 5. l. χειρὸς
^ 5. l. ἐξ
^ 5. l. βεβαιώσω
^ 5. l. βεβαιώσει
^ 5. l. ἰδιωτικῶν
^ 7. l. ἐγκαλέσειν

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APIS Translation (English)

(Demotic) [- - - with] its excess of measure (or) its deficiency of measure. The boundaries of this courtyard [in] which this room [and these] storehouses [- - -] who is called Isidoros, and the places of Neferpsachn who is written above: north, the temple of Thoth 'and - - -'; west, the royal road; east, my share; <no man in the world, nor> I likewise, < shall be able to> exercise authority over it, except you, from this date on. He that shall come to you on account of it, I will <cause> him to be far <from you> in respect of it, of necessity without delay, divine cubit, without anything. No man (in the) world shall be able to come to you on account of it. If we withdraw ourselves from you so as not to, we will give so much refined silver (and) so much other refined silver (for) the burnt offerings (and) the libations of the king, may he live forever! Written by Herais his wife, daughter of Orsenouphis, his (sic) mother being Arete(?), the wife of Mersis, saying, "I am present (and) I write, my heart is satisfied therewith. Take(?) this courtyard and the room and this storehouse. He that shall come unto you on account of it, bearing my share, I will cause him to be far from you, of necessity, without delay." Written by Kronion, son of . . ., the document scribe of Tebtynis. Written by Marepsemis, (son of) Marepsemis, who is called Chresimos. Written.;;(Greek) I, Mersis, also called Pyrrhos, son of Labesis, acknowledge that I have sold to Eutychos the elder, son of Eutychos, the vacant lot that belongs to me, in which there are a building and storehouses and all the appurtenances, in Tebtynis; the measurements of all of which are from south to north, seven cubits, from west to east, twenty-six and one-half cubits, to the extent of the total measurements in cubits, as many as there may be. The neighbors are on the south the court of Herodes, son of Herodes also called Isidoros, and in part the lots of the purchaser Eutychos, on the north the Hermaion, temple of the great god,a nd in part an open space of the same temple, on the west the royal road, and on the east the lots of Mersis himself. And I have received the entire price agreed upon for them, in full, from hand to hand, out of the house, and I guarantee the sale with every guarantee from public and private debts and every impost as aforesaid. Marepsemis, son of Marepsemis, wrote for him because he is illiterate. The wife of Mersis, Herais, daughter of Orsenouphis, her mother being Arete(?), consents to the sale, and agrees that she will not proceed against it forever, or bring any claim, and that no one else shall do so in her behalf forever as aforesaid . . . [- - -]