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p.mich.8.520 = HGV P.Mich. 8 520 = Trismegistos 32729 = michigan.apis.2536

DDbDP transcription: p.mich.8.520 [xml]

IV spc Karanis

κυρίῳ μου ἀδελφῷ
Ἰσοδωρος(*)  ̣
Κολλοῦθος χ(αίρειν).
οὐ καλο͂ς(*) ποιεῖς μὴ
5θέλον(*) πεμψεν(*) τὰ ἀ-
λωτρα διὰ Ἀλωαβάι̣,
οὐδὲ τα(*) κριθὰς ἐπλή-
ροσας(*).   ̣  ̣  ̣ θ̣[έλ]ι̣σ̣ο̣ν(*)
ἀνελθῖν(*) κατακρυβῇ
10φήρων(*) αὐτά. κερώς(*)
(hand 2) ἐρρῶσθ[α]ί σε
πολοῖς(*) χρών[οις](*).
15☧ Ἰσιδώρῳ


^ r.2. l. Ἰσιδώρῳ
^ r.4. l. καλῶς
^ r.5. l. θέλων
^ r.5. l. πέμψαι
^ r.7. l. τὰς
^ r.7-8. l. ἐπλή |ρωσας
^ r.8. l. θέλησον
^ r.9. l. ἀνελθεῖν
^ r.10. l. φέρων
^ r.10. l. καιρός
^ r.13. l. εὔχομαι
^ r.14. l. πολλοῖς
^ r.14. l. χρόνοις

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APIS Translation (English)

To my lord brother Isidoros, Kollouthos, greeting. It is not a good thing you do in being unwilling to send the wages for threshing(?) through Aloabai; nor have you delivered the full amount of barley. . . . be so good as to come up secretly with them. It is a good moment.;(2nd hand) I pray for your continued good health.;;(Verso) (Christian symbol) To Isidoros.