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p.oslo.2.47 = HGV P.Oslo 2 47 = Trismegistos 21524 = oslo.apis.1 = oxford-ipap.apis.1665

DDbDP transcription: p.oslo.2.47 [xml]

AD 1 ?

Διονύσιος Θέωνι τῶι φιλτάτωι
πλῖσ[τ]α(*)χαίρειν καὶ διὰ παντὸς ὑγι-
αίνιν(*). ὡς ἐμνήσθης μοι περὶ ὠψα-
ρίου(*) ἀγωράσαι(*), ἔδω\κα/ φίλῳ μου ἀγωρά-
5σαι(*) δραχμῆς χοίρους ξ. ἔδ\δ/ωκ\κ/εν(*)
τῷ παρὰ σοῦ. καὐτὸς(*) δὲ ἠγώρασεν(*)
δραχμῆς χοίρους λ. καὶ σφυρί-
δαν αὐτῷ δέδωκα. ὅρα μή σε
παραλογείσειται(*) {σε}, ὡς κοινῶς
10ἠγορακέναι παραλελόγισται. αὐ-
τὸς ἀγωράζων(*) οὐκ ἔλαβεν εἰ μὴ
χοίρους λ, σοὶ(*) δὲ ξ. καὶ ἀπόσ-
τιλόν(*) μοι κυάμου ἀντὶ φακοῦ ἀρτ(άβας)
πέντε . τὰ δʼ ἄλλα ἐπιμέλου {δὲ} σε-
15ατοῦ(*) ἵνα̣ ὑγειαίνῃς(*). ἀσπάζου τοὺς
σοὺς πάντας, Ἡρακλ\ῆν/(*) Πετάλου.
ἔρρωσω(*). (ἔτους) λ Καίσαρος Μεσορὴ λ.
καὶ τὴν σφυρίδαν ἀπόστειλόν(*) μη(*) διὰ
δος Θεωνᾶτι


^ r.2. l. πλεῖσ[τ]α
^ r.2-3. l. ὑγι|αίνειν
^ r.3-4. l. ὀψα|ρίου
^ r.4. l. ἀγοράσαι
^ r.4-5. l. ἀγορά|σαι
^ r.5. l. ἔδωκεν
^ r.6. l. καὶ αὐτὸς
^ r.6. l. ἠγόρασεν
^ r.9. l. παραλογίσηται
^ r.11. l. ἀγοράζων
^ r.12. l. σὺ
^ r.12-13. l. ἀπόσ|τειλόν
^ r.14-15. l. σε|αυτοῦ
^ r.15. l. ὑγιαίνῃς
^ r.16. corr. ex ηρακλαν
^ r.17. l. ἔρρωσο
^ r.18. corr. ex αποστιλο⟦νο⟧ν
^ r.18. l. μοι

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APIS Translation (English)

Dionysios to his dearest Theon, very many greetings and for ever good health. When you reminded me of buying fish, I asked a friend of mine to buy 60 pigfishes for a drachma. I gave them to the person who came from you. But he himself bought 30 fishes for a drachma. I also gave him a basket. See to it that he does not cheat you, as he usually cheats in business affairs. When he himself made a buy, he only got 30 fishes, but 60 for you.;And send me five artabas of beans instead of lentils.;By the way, take care of yourself so that you are well.;Give greetings to all of yours, and to Herakles, son of Petalos. Goodbye. ;In the Emperor's 30th year, 30. Mesore. - And the basket, send it to me with Androus.;Verso:;Give to Theonas