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p.oxy.10.1296 = HGV P.Oxy. 10 1296 = Trismegistos 31731

DDbDP transcription: p.oxy.10.1296 [xml]

III spc Oxyrhynchus

Αὐρήλιος Δῖος Αὐρηλίῳ Ὡρείω-
νι τῷ γλυκυτάτῳ μου πατρὶ πολλὰ
τὸ προσκύνημά σου ποιῶ καθʼ ἑκάστην
5ἡμέραν παρὰ τοῖς ἐνθάδε θεοῖς. ἀμερί-
μνη(*) οὖν, πάτερ, χάριν τῶν μαθημάτων
ἡμῶν· φιλοπονοῦμεν καὶ ἀναψύχομεν,
καλ\ῶ/ς(*) ἡμε̣[ῖ]ν(*) ἔστ̣α̣ι̣. ἀσπάζομαι τὴν μη-
τέραν(*) μου Ταμιέαν καὶ τὴν ἀδελφήν μου
10Τνεφεροῦν καὶ τὴν ἀδελφήν μου Φιλοῦν,
ἀσπάζομαι καὶ τὸν ἀδελφόν μου Πατερμοῦ-
θιν καὶ τὴν ἀδελφήν μου Θερμοῦθιν,
ἀσπάζομαι καὶ τὸν ἀδελφόν μου Ἡρακ(λ )
καὶ τὸν ἀδελφὸν μου Κολλοῦχ(ιν), ἀσπάζομαι
15τὸν πατέραν(*) μου Μέλανον καὶ τὴν μητέ-
ραν(*) μου Τιμπεσοῦρ̣(ιν) καὶ τὸν υἱ(*)ὸν αὐτῆς.
ἀσπαζαιται(*) ἡμᾶς(*) πάντε̣ς(*) Γ̣αί(*)α,
ἀσπάζαιται(*) ἡμᾶς(*) πάντε̣ς(*) ὁ πα̣τ̣ή̣ρ̣ μου̣
Ὡρείων καὶ Θερμοῦθ̣ις̣.
20ἐρρῶσθαί σαι(*) εὔχομαι, πάτερ.
ἀπόδ(ος) Α(ὐρηλίῳ) Ὡρείωνι ἀπὸ Δίου υἱοῦ.


^ r.5-6. l. ἀμερί |μνει
^ r.8. corr. ex καλοσ
^ r.8. l. ἡμῖν
^ r.8-9. l. μη |τέρα
^ r.15. l. πατέρα
^ r.15-16. l. μητέ |ρα
^ r.16. υϊον papyrus
^ r.17. l. ἀσπαζεται
^ r.17. l. ὑμᾶς
^ r.17. l. πάντας
^ r.17. γ̣αϊα papyrus
^ r.18. l. ἀσπάζεται
^ r.18. l. ὑμᾶς
^ r.18. l. πάντας
^ r.20. l. σε

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HGV 31731 Translation (English) [xml]

(Translation: from P.Oxy. 10) Aurelius Dius to Aurelius Horion my sweetest father, many greetings. I perform the act of veneration for you every day before the gods of this place. Do not be anxious, father, about my studies; I am industrious and take relaxation: all will be well with me. I salute my mother Tamiea and my sister Tnepherous and my sister Philous, I salute my brother Patermouthis and my sister Thermouthis, I salute my brother Heracl ... and my brother Kollouchis, I salute my father Melanus and my mother Timpesouris and her son. Gaia salutes you all, my father Horion and Thermouthis salute you all. I pray for your health, father. (Addressed) Deliver to Aurelius Horion from his son Dius.’