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p.oxy.1.106 = HGV P.Oxy. 1 106 = Trismegistos 20765 = chr.mitt.308

DDbDP transcription: p.oxy.1.106 [xml]

AD 135 Oxyrhynchus
[Reprinted from: chr.mitt.308] MChr308

ἀγορανόμοις Ὀξυρύγ-
χων πόλεως Ἀπολλώνι-
ος Πτολεμαίου ὑπηρέ-
της. ἀπήνγειλα(*) ὑμεῖν(*)
5τὸν τοῦ νομοῦ στρ(ατηγήσαντα)(*) Δημή-
τριον συντεταχέναι
ἀναδοῦναι Πτολέμᾳ
Στράτωνος μητρὸς Διονυ-
σίας ἀπʼ Ὀξυρύγχων πό-
10λεως ἣν ἔθετο διʼ ὑμῶν
τῶι θ (ἔτει) θεοῦ Τραιανοῦ
Μεχεὶρ ἐπὶ σφραγίδων
διαθήκην, τοῦτο ἀξιω-
σάσης αὐτῆς, ἣν καὶ διʼ ἐ-
15μοῦ ἀνέλαβεν. ἔτους
Αὐτοκράτορος Καίσαρος
Τραιανοῦ Ἁδριανοῦ
Σεβαστοῦ, Φαρμοῦθι κε.
20(hand 2) Πτολέμα Στράτωνος ἀνέλαβον τὴν
προκειμένην μου διαθήκην ἐπὶ τῶν
αὐτῶν σφραγείδων(*). Πέδων Καλλι-
στράτου(*) ἐπιγέγραμμαι αὐτῆς κύριος
καὶ ἔγραψα ὑπὲρ αὐτῆς μὴ εἰδυίης(*) γράμ(ματα).
25χρόνος ὁ αὐτός.


^ 4. l. ἀπήγγειλα
^ 4. l. ὑμῖν
^ 5. στρ(ατηγὸν) prev. ed.
^ 22. l. σφραγίδων
^ 22-23. Καλλικ̣όρν̣ου prev. ed.
^ 24. l. εἰδυίας

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HGV 20765 Translation (English) [xml]

(Translation: from P.Oxy. 1) To the agoranomi of Oxyrhynchus from Apollonius, son of Ptolemaeus, assistant. I beg to inform you that the strategus of the nome, Demetrius, instructed me to give up to Ptolema, daughter of Straton and Dionysia, of Oxyrhynchus, the will which you drew up for her in Mecheir of the 9th year of the deified Trajan under seals, in compliance with her own request; and that she has accordingly received back the will through me. The 19th year of the Emperor Caesar Trajanus Hadrianus Augustus, Pharmouthi 25. I, Ptolema, daughter of Straton, have received my aforesaid will with the seals intact. I, Pedon, son of Callicornus, have been registered as her guardian, and signed for her as she was unable to write, at the same date.