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p.oxy.1.108 = HGV P.Oxy. 1 108 = Trismegistos 20767 = upenn.apis.8

DDbDP transcription: p.oxy.1.108 [xml]

AD183/215 Oxyrhynchus

Θὼθ δ κδ (ἔτους),
κρέως μν(αῖ) δ,
ἄκρα β,
γλῶσσα μία ,
5ῥυγχίον α.
ϛ, γλωσοπωγώνιον(*).
ια, κρέω(ς) μν(αῖ) β,
γλῶσσα μία ,
νεφρία β.
10ιβ, κρέω(ς) μν(ᾶ) α,
στέρνα μία .
ιδ, κρέω(ς) μν(αῖ) β,
στέρνα α.
ιϛ, κρέως μν(αῖ) γ.
15ιζ, κρέω(ς) μν(αῖ) β,
γλῶσσα μία .
ιη, γλῶσσα μία .
κα, κοιλία.
νεφρία β.
5κρέω(ς) μν(αῖ) β,
κοιλία α,
ἄκρα β.
γλῶσσα μία .
10λ, στέρνα μία .
(hand 2) καὶ πρὸ τούτων Μεσορὴ
ιη, κρέως μναῖ β, κοιλία α,
νεφρία β. κα, στέρνα α.
κγ, γλωσσοπωγώνιον α, νε-
15φρία β. κδ, μναῖ β, νεφρί-
α β. κε, Τρύφωνι μναῖ β,
ὠτίον α, ἄκρον α, νεφρία β.
κθ, μναῖ β, ἄκρα β, γλῶσ-
σα α. ἐπαγομένων β,
20γλῶσσα α. γ, στέρνα α.


^ r,1.6. l. γλωσσοπωγώνιον

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APIS Translation (English)

Side 1: Thoth 4th, 24th year, 4 pounds of meat, 2 trotters, 1 tongue, 1 snout. 6th, half a head with the tongue (?). 11th, 2 pounds of meat, 1 tongue, 2 kidneys. 12th, 1 pound of meat, 1 breast. 14th, 2 pounds of meat, 1 breast. 16th, 3 pounds of meat. 17th, 2 pounds of meat, 1 tongue. 18th 1 tongue. 21st, 1 paunch. 22nd, 1 paunch, 2 kidneys. 23rd, 2 pounds of meat, 1 paunch, 2 trotters. 26th, 1 tongue. 30th, 1 breast. And before this on Mesore 18th, 2 pounds of meat, 1 paunch, 2 kidneys. 21st, 1 breast. 23rd, 1 half a head with the tongue, 2 kidneys. 24th, 2 pounds, 2 kidneys. 25th, for Tryphon 2 pounds, 1 ear, 1 trotter, 2 kidneys. 29th, 2 pounds, 2 trotters, 1 tongue. 2nd intercalary day, 1 tongue. 3rd, 1 breast. (Grenfell & Hunt)

Side 2: Cook�s account.