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p.oxy.1.58 = HGV P.Oxy. 1 58 = Trismegistos 20720 = chr.wilck.378

DDbDP transcription: p.oxy.1.58 [xml]

AD 288 Oxyrhynchus
[Reprinted from: chr.wilck.378] WChr378

[Ν(?)]ερβαῖος(?)(*) Ἀφρικανὸς στρατηγοῖς ἐπι-
στρατηγίας ἑπτὰ νομῶν καὶ Ἀρσινοίτου
ἀπʼ αὐτῶν τῶν όγων(*) ἐφάνη ὡς
5πολλοὶ βουλόμενοι τὰς ταμιακὰς οὐσί-
ας κατεστείειν(*) ὀνόματα ἑαυτοῖς ἐξευ-
ρόντες, οἱ μὲν χειριστῶν οἱ δὲ γραμ-
ματέων οἱ δὲ φροντιστῶν, ὄφελος
μὲν οὐδὲν περιποιοῦσιν τῷ ταμείῳ
10τὰ δὲ περιγεινόμενα κατεστείουσιν(*)·
διʼ ὅπερ ἐδέησεν ἐπισταλῆναι ὑμεῖν(*)
(*)να ἑκάστης(*) οὐσίας ἕνα τινὰ φρον-
τιστὴν ἀξι[ό]χρεων κινδύνῳ ἑκάστης
βουλῆς αἱρεθῆναι ποιήσητε(*), τὰ δὲ
15λοιπὰ ὀνόματα παύσηται, δυναμένου
τοῦ αἱρουμένου φροντιστοῦ δύο
ἢ τό γε πλεῖστον τρεῖς προσα̣ι̣ρ̣ε̣[ῖ]ν
τοὺς ἐξυπηρετησομένους αὐτῷ
πρὸς τὴν φροντίδα. οὕτω[ς αὐ]τά τε
20τὰ μάταια ἀναλώματα π[α]ύσεται
καὶ αἱ ταμιακαὶ οὐσίαι τῆς προσηκού-
σης ἐπιμελείας τεύξονται. δηλα-
δὴ δὲ τοιούτους αἱρεθῆναι ποιήσει-
τε(*) του τοῖς(*) φρον[τι]σταῖς ὑπηρετη-
25σομένους οἳ καὶ βασάνοις ὑποκείσον-
ται. ἔρρωσθε(*).
(ἔτους) ε ((s-etous)) καὶ δ ((s-etous)) , Θὼθ ιϛ.


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^ 4. l. <λ>όγων
^ 6. l. κατεσθίειν
^ 10. l. κατεσθίουσιν
^ 11. l. ὑμῖν
^ 12. ϊνα papyrus
^ 12. corr. ex εκαστηου
^ 14. corr. ex ποιησαττε
^ 23-24. l. ποιήσε|τε, corr. ex ποιησειται
^ 24. l. τοὺ<ς>, BL 1.313 : τούτοισ prev. ed.
^ 26. corr. ex ερρωσο

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HGV 20720 Translation (English) [xml]

(Translation: from P.Oxy. 1) Servaeus Africanus to the strategi of the epistrategia of the Heptanomis and Arsinoite nome, greeting. The accounts have themselves proved that a number of persons wishing to swallow up the estates of the treasury have devised for themselves various titles, such as administrators, secretaries, or superintendents, by which means they secure no advantage to the treasury but swallow up its surplus. It has therefore become necessary to send you instructions to cause the election, on the responsibility of the several councils, of a single trustworthy superintendent over each estate, and to put an end to the other offices. The superintendent elected shall have the power to choose two or at most three other persons to assist him in his work. In this way useless expense will be stopped, and the estates of the treasury will receive proper attention. You will of course take care that only such persons are appointed to assist these superintendents as are in a position to stand the test.