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p.oxy.62.4339 = HGV P.Oxy. 62 4339 = Trismegistos 28950

DDbDP transcription: p.oxy.62.4339 [xml]

II/III spc Oxyrhynchus

ἐρωτᾷ σε Ἀμμώνιος δει-
πνῆσαι εἰς κλείνην(*) τοῦ κυρίου
Σαράπιδος ἐν τῷ οἴκῳ τοῦ
Σαραπήου(*) τῇ θ ἀπὸ ὥρ(ας) θ.


^ 2. l. κλίνην
^ 4. l. Σαραπείου

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HGV 28950 Translation (Englisch) [xml]

1  Ammonios asks you to dine at the banquet of the lord Sarapis in the dining hall of the Sarapeion on the 9th, beginning from the 9th hour.