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p.oxy.72.4860 = HGV P.Oxy. 72 4860 = Trismegistos 114240

DDbDP transcription: p.oxy.72.4860 [xml]

Ἡρ  ̣  ̣  ̣  ̣  ̣(*) Πτολεμαίου ἀπʼ Ὀξυρύγχ(ων) πόλ(εως)
Φαύστωι τῷ καὶ Ἀμφίονι σιτολ(όγῳ) ἀπηλ(ιώτου)
τοπ(αρχίας) Πακερκ(η) τόπ(ων) χαίρειν. διάστειλ(ον)
ἀφʼ οὗ ἔχεις \μου/ ἐν θέμ(ατι) (πυροῦ) γενή(ματος) ϛ (ἔτους)
5Ἁδριανοῦ Καίσαρος τοῦ κυρίου ὑπὲρ
μὲν ἰδίου ὀνόματο(ς) Πακερκ(η) ἀπηλ(ιώτου)
(ἀρτάβας) ἑπτὰ χοί(νικα) μίαν, ὁ αὐτ(ὸς) Ψώβθ(εως) ἀπηλ(ιώτου)
(ἀρτάβας) ἐννέα τέταρτ(ον) ὄγδοον, ὁ αὐτ(ὸς) Σατύρο(υ)
ἐποικ(ίου) (ἀρτάβην) μίαν ἥμισυ τέταρτ(ον) χοί(νικα) μίαν,
10Ἀπολλωνίωι καὶ Διονυσίωι̣ τῷ καὶ
Ἀμοϊτᾷ ἀμ(φοτέροις) Ἥρωνο(ς) (πρότερον) τῆ(ς) μητ(ρὸς) \αὐ̣τ̣ῶ(ν)/ Σινθώ̣(νιος)
Ἀλεξάνδ(ρου) Θώσβ(εως) (ἀρτάβας) πέντε ἥμισυ
ὄγδοον, τοῖς αὐτοῖ(ς) ὁμοί(ως) (πρότερον) τῆ(ς) α(ὐτῆς)
μητρὸς αὐτῶ(ν) Σινθώ(νιος) Σενοκώμ(εως)
15(ἀρτάβας) ἓξ ἥμισυ τέταρτον, (γίνονται) ἐπὶ τὸ α(ὐτὸ)
(ἀρτάβαι) τριάκοντα ἥμισυ χοί(νικες) δύο.
(ἔτους) ϛ Αὐτοκράτορος Καίσαρος
Τραϊανοῦ Ἁδριανοῦ Σεβαστοῦ, Μεσο(ρὴ) κε.


^ 1. or Ἡρα̣κ̣λ̣α̣ς̣(?)

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HGV 114240 Translation (Englisch) [xml]

1 Her— son of Ptolemaeus, from the city of the Oxyrhynchi, to Faustus alias Amphion, sitologus of the eastern toparchy, district of Pacerce, greetings. Transfer, from the amount you hold on deposit for me, from the wheat-crop of the 6th year of Hadrianus Caesar the lord, for my own account at Pacerce Eastern, 7 art. (and) one choen.; the same, at Psobthis Eastern, nine (and) one-quarter (and) one-eighth art.; the same, at the hamlet of Satyrus, one (and) one-half (and) one-quarter art. (and) one choen.; 10 and to Apollonius and Dionysius alias Amoitas, both sons of Heron, (for the account) formerly of their mother Sinthonis daughter of Alexander, at Thosbis, five (and) one-half (and) one-eighth art.; to the same (persons), likewise (for the account) formerly of their mother Sinthonis, at Senocomis, six (and) one-half (and) one-quarter art., grand total thirty and one-half art. and two choen. Year 6 of Imperator Caesar Traianus Hadrianus Augustus, Mesore 25. (N. Gonis)