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p.petaus.85 = HGV P.Petaus 85 = Trismegistos 12696 = michigan.apis.2975

DDbDP transcription: p.petaus.85 [xml]

AD185 Ptolemais Hormou

Ἀπολλωνίῳ στρα(τηγῷ) Ἀρσι(νοίτου)
Ἡρακλ(είδου) μερίδος
παρὰ Πεταῦτος κωμ[ο]γ̣ρ̣α̣(μματέως)
Κερκ(εσούχων) Ὄ̣[ρο]υς καὶ ἄλλω̣ν̣ [κ]ω̣(μῶν).
5αἰτούμενος ὑπὸ σο[ῦ ὄ]νομ(α)
εἰς τὸ καταστῆσαι καμή-
λους ἀρσένους σὺν τοῖς ἀπὸ
τῶν ἄλλων κω(μῶν), δίδωμι
τὸν ὑπογεγρα(μμένον) ὄντα εὔπο-
10ρον καὶ ἐπιτήδιον(*).
ἔστι δέ·
Πνεφερῶς Ὀννώφρεως
μητ(ρὸς) Ταορσαιέπεως.
(ἔτους) κε Μάρκου Αὐρηλίου
15Κομμόδου Ἀντωνίνου
Καίσαρος τοῦ κυρίου
Ἐπὶφ ιβ


^ 10. l. ἐπιτήδειον

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APIS Translation (English)

"To Apollonios, strategos of the Arsinoite nome, Herakleides meris, from Petaus, village scribe of Kerkesoucha Orous and other villages. On your request for a name, I give you the following person who is wealthy and suitable for the job together with those of the other villages, of procuring male camels. He is: Pnepheros, son of Onnophris, mother Taorsaiepis.;;In year 25 of Marcus Aurelius Commodus Antoninus Caesar our Lord. Epeiph 12."