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p.princ.3.117 = HGV P.Princ. 3 117 = Trismegistos 5908 = princeton.apis.p597

DDbDP transcription: p.princ.3.117 [xml]

52/53BC ?

[τ]ῶι στρατη[γῶι -ca.?- ]
παρὰ Θαήσιος τῆς Χ[  ̣  ̣  ̣  ̣  ̣  ̣] τῶν ἐκ Φιλαδελφείας
[ἀ]πέδωκά σοι ὑπόμ[νη]μα κατὰ Τεσε-
[ν]ούφιος θησαυροφύλακος τοῦ Ἀντι-
5[φ]ίλου ἰδιωτικοῦ θησ[α]υροῦ προφερο-
[μ]ένη[- ca.9 -] παραθεμέ-
[ν]ην με α[ὐ]τῶι ἐν τ[ῶι θ]ησαυρῶι (πυροῦ ἀρτάβας) σϙγ
[  ̣  ̣  ̣  ̣]σασθ[αι] μ[- ca.9 - αὐ]τὰς ἐμὲ
συνπεριενεχθῆναι αὐτῶι ἐφʼ ὧι
10ἐν τῶι [(ἔτει)] κζ ἀποδώσειεν {καὶ} βουλο-
μένη αὐ[τ]ὸ[ν συ]νλ[α]βεῖν ὑπεσχό-
μην καὶ [ἐ]γρ[ά]ψατο ἐπιστολὴν
εἰς τοπάρ[χην   ̣  ̣  ̣  ̣  ̣]την Πτολεμαίου
(ἑκατοντάρουρον) ὀνόμ[ατι οὗ] καὶ γεωργῶ τὸν κλῆ-
15ρον. ἔγραψας Σαραπίωνι τῶι ἐπισ-
τάτει. ἔ[πει]τα καὶ ὁμόλογος γενό-
μενος συνέσχεν αὐτόν. ἐπεὶ οὖν
ἐντυχοῦσ[ά] σοι συνέταζας τῶι
Σ[α]ραπίων[ι] καταστῆσαι αὐτόν.
20τούτου δὲ μὴ καθεσταμένου
ἀ[ξι]ῶ σε ἐπὶ τῶν τόπων εἰ
β[ούληι ὄν]τα μοι ἐπαναγκάσαι
[Σαραπ]ίωνα καταστῆσαι
τ[ὸν ἄνθρ]ωπον ὅπως τύχω
25τ[οῦ δικαίου.]
(hand 2) [ -ca.?- ]Ἐπεὶφ παραθέσεως ἔγκ[λημα]
[ -ca.?- ]τ̣η̣  ̣  ̣ο̣ρ̣γ̣η̣ι̣  ̣ εὔξομαι τοὺς γρ  ̣  ̣  ̣  ̣
[ -ca.?- ] αὐτῆι δεῖ τὰς λιπ(ούσας)(*) (πυροῦ ἀρτάβας) σϙγ
30[ -ca.?- ] ἐπὶ κζ (ἔτους) γεν  ̣  ̣  ̣  ̣


^ 29. l. λειπ(ούσας)

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APIS Translation (English)

To the strategos. . . from Thaesis, daughter of Kh-, from Philadelphia. I have already submitted to you an application against Tesenouphis, treasury-guard of the private [l. 5] treasury of Antiphilos alleging that when I asked for them Tesenouphis denied that I had deposited with him in the granary 293 artabas of wheat and had made an agreement with him thereby he would return them in the [l. 10] 27th year, and [sc. I submitted the application] desiring to arrest the man. I had agreed [sc. to the terms of the deposit] and he had written a [confirmatory] letter to the toparch X son of Ptolemaios owner of a 100 arouras allotment [l. 15] in whose name I cultivate the plot. You wrote to Sarapion, superintendent of police. He arrested him since he was an acknowledged defaulter in returning the deposit. When I appealed to you, you ordered Sarapion to produce the man, [l. 20] but since he has not produced him, I ask you that when you are in the circuit to help me compel Sarapion to produce the man so that I may receive [l. 25] justice. Be well. [hand 2] . . . Epeiph charge concerning the deposit . . . I order that . . . to her . . . the remaining 293 artabas of wheat . . . [l. 30] in the year 27th . . .