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p.princ.3.122 = HGV P.Princ. 3 122 = Trismegistos 32751 = princeton.apis.p209

DDbDP transcription: p.princ.3.122 [xml]

IVspc ?

εἰς φυλακίαν φα̣κ̣ῶ̣ν
Ἀλάμμων Ἀφθονίου
μῆνα ἕνα̣ πρώτης ἑξαμήνου
Θεόδωρος συστ̣άτης ιζ

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APIS Translation (English)

For the purpose of guarding the crop of lentils: Alamon son of Aphthonios [is appointed] for one month in the first half of the year. Theodoros, systates (= head of liturgical appointments), 17th.