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p.ross.georg.3.11 = HGV P.Ross. Georg. 3 11 = Trismegistos 32909 = hermitage.apis.87

DDbDP transcription: p.ross.georg.3.11 [xml]

IV/Vspc ?

τῇ κυρ\ί/ᾳ μου · μητρ(ὶ)
Σιλβανὸς(*) χ(αίρειν).
τὸ κολοβιω(*),
5(*) ἔχις(*) αὐτὰ(*)
ἐνεχύρου οἴνου
δι(πλοῦ) α τω(*)
λαβὲ αὐτὴ
παρὰ Παχύμιο\ς/
10καὶ δὸς \τῷ Πασῖρι/ αὐτῷ
vac. ?
θαί σε εὔχο-
μαι πολλοῖς


^ 3. corr. ex σιλβακος
^ 4. l. κολόβιον
^ 5. l. ὃ
^ 5. l. ἔχεις
^ 5. l. αὐτὸ
^ 7. l. τοῦτο
^ 11. l. αὐτὸ

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APIS Translation (English)

Silvanus to Anastasarion, my lady and mother, greetings. The short-sleeved tunic which you have as security for 1 diplon wine, take it from Pachymius and give it to him, Pasirius. I hope that you remain well for many years.