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p.ryl.2.143 = HGV P.Ryl. 2 143 = Trismegistos 12929

DDbDP transcription: p.ryl.2.143 [xml]

AD38 Euhemeria

Διδύμῳ Ἱέρακος Ἀλθαιεῖ
τῶν ἐν τῷ Μουσείωι σειτου-
μένων(*) φιλοσόφων ἀτελῶν
5παρὰ Ἡρακλᾶ τοῦ Διοδώρο(υ)
δημοσίου γεωργοῦ τῶν
ἀπʼ Εὐημερίας τῆς Θεμίστο(υ)
μερίδος. ἔτι ἀπὸ τοῦ Φαρμο(ῦθι)
τοῦ ἐνεστῶτο(ς) β (ἔτους) Γαίου
10Καίσαρος Σεβαστοῦ Γερμανικο(ῦ)
Σερᾶς Παήους προβατοκτη-
νοτρόφος ἐπαφεὶς τὰ ἑατοῦ(*)
πρόβατα εἰς ἃ γεωργῶ
περὶ τὴν κώμην δημό-
15σια ἐδάφη ἐπὶ τοῦ ζ γύου
κατενέμησέν μου ἀρακο-
σπέρμου ἀρούρα(ς) β, ἐξ οὗ
βλάβος μοι ἐπηκλούθησε(*)
εἰς λόγον (ἀρταβῶν) κ. διὸ ἀξιῶι(*)
20γράψαι ἀκθῆναι(*) τὸν ἐν-
καλούμενον ἐπὶ σὲ πρὸς
τὴν δέουσαν ἐπέξοδ(ον).


^ 2-3. l. σιτου|μένων
^ 12. l. ἑαυτοῦ
^ 18. l. ἐπηκ<ο>λούθησε
^ 19. l. ἀξιῶ
^ 20. l. ἀχθῆναι

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HGV 12929 Translation (Englisch) [xml]

1  ‘To Didymus son of Hierax of the Althaean deme, one of the philosophers maintained in the Museum immune from charges, strategus, from Heraclas son of Diodorus, a cultivator of public land, of Euhemeria in the division of Themistes. Ever since Pharmouthi of the present 2nd year of Gaius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, Seras son of Paes, herdsman, has let his flocks loose upon the public lands which I farm in the area of the village in the 7th plot and has grazed down 2 arurae of young aracus, from which damage has resulted to the amount of 20 artabae. Wherefore I request you to write that the accused man be brought before you for fitting punishment. Farewell.’