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p.tebt.1.16 = HGV P.Tebt. 1 16 = Trismegistos 3652 = berkeley.apis.402 = chr.mitt.44

DDbDP transcription: p.tebt.1.16 [xml]

114BC Tebtynis
[Reprinted from: chr.mitt.44] MChr44

(PTebt 1,16,r reprinted in PTebt 4,1143 ) vrp
Μεγχῆς κω(μο)γρ(αμματεὺς) Κερκεοσί(ρεως) Ὥρωι
χαίρειν. {τυγχαιρειν} τυγχάνωι(*)
προσανενηνοχω(*) σοι διʼ ἑτέρας(*)
ἐπισ(τολῆς) τῆι γ τοῦ ὑποκειμένου μην[ὸς]
5περὶ τῶν κατὰ Πολέμωνα τ̣ὸ̣[ν]
διεξά(γοντα) τὰ κατὰ τὴν ἐπιστατείαν
αὐ(τῆς), ὡς ἦν ὑβρισμένος οὐ μετ[ρίως ⁦ -ca.?- ⁩]
ὑπὸ Ἀπολλοδώρου \καὶ <τοῦ> τούτου υ[ἱοῦ.]/
οἱ σημαινοι(*) οὐ λήγοντες τῆι̣ [κατʼ](*)
10αὐτοὺς αὐθαδίᾳ χρώμενοι τῆι [  ̣  ̣]
αυτοῦ(*) αὐτοῦ(*) μηνὸς Μεσορὴ ἐ[πὶ]
τὴν Πετ[ε]σούχου υἱοῦ [τ]ο̣ῦ̣
Πολέμωνος τοῦ ἐπιστά[του οἰκίαν]
ἐν μαχαίρηι(*) καὶ [- ca.12 -]
15\μετὰ σκυλμοῦ/ ⟦μεθ υβρεως⟧ κ[- ca.12 -]
μέσην τὴν π  ̣[- ca.12 -]
αὐτ[ο]ῦ(*) ποιησα[- ca.12 -]
ου προ[  ̣]  ̣τ̣η̣σαι ει̣[- ca.12 -]
αὐτοῦ ἀργυ(ρίου) (δραχμὰς) η, [περὶ ὧν ἐπέδωκεν]
20ὁ Πετεσοῦχος τὴ[ν ὑποκειμένην]
προσαγγελί(αν). καλῶς ἔ[χειν ὑπελάβομεν]
προσανενέγκαι ἵν̣ʼ [εἰδῆις.]
οἷς κα(θήκει). προ(νοῆσαι)(*) ὡς α̣ὐτοὶ κατασ[ταθέντες τύχωσι]
τῆς ἁρμοζούσης ἐπιπ[λήξεως.]


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APIS Translation (English)

Menches, village scribe of Kerkeosiris, to Horos, greeting. I reported to you in another letter on the 3rd of the current month the case of Polemon who is performing the duties of Epistates of the village, how he was grossly insulted by Apollodoros and his son. These persons persisting in their violent behavior on the .. Of the same month Mesore broke into the house of Petesouchos the son of Polemon the Epistates armed with a sword and � (carried off) eight drachmas of silver; regarding which Petesouchos has handed in the following statement. Therefore I thought it well to report the matter for your information. To whom it concerns. See that they are made to appear and receive suitable punishment.