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p.tebt.3.1.745 = HGV P.Tebt. 3 .1 745 = Trismegistos 5348 = berkeley.apis.277

DDbDP transcription: p.tebt.3.1.745 [xml]

245 BC Tebtynis

[Ἀγ]άθων Πάτρωνι
χαίρειν. ἐνέτυχέν μοι
Ἀπολλώνιος περὶ τῆς
κώμης Τακόνα ὅπως
5καταστήσῃς αὐτὸν φυ-
[λακ]ίτην. καλῶς οὖν
[ποιήσ]ε̣ι̣[ς ἀ]ποδοὺς ⟦ω̣ς̣⟧
[  ̣  ̣  ̣  ̣  ̣  ̣ ἔ]ρρωσο. (ἔτους) β
[⁦ -ca.?- ⁩] Μεχεὶρ ιγ.

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APIS Translation (English)

Agathon to Patron, greeting. Apollonios has applied to me about the village of Takona, that you should appoint him as guard. You would therefore do well to hand (the post?) over to him. Good-bye. The 2nd year, Mecheir 13. (Addressed on the verso) To Patron.