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p.tebt.3.1.785 = HGV P.Tebt. 3 .1 785 = Trismegistos 5371 = berkeley.apis.413

DDbDP transcription: p.tebt.3.1.785 [xml]

ca. 138 BC Tebtynis

Φανίαι τῶν πρώτων φίλων
καὶ στρατηγῶι καὶ ἐπὶ τῶν προσόδων
παρʼ Ὀννώφριος τοῦ Πετεμούνιος βασι-
λικοῦ γεωργοῦ τῶν ἐξ Ὀξυρύγχων.
5συνγεωργοῦντός μου Μεστασύτμει
τῶι καὶ Πατῆτι Πετεμούνιος τῶι
ἀδελφῶι μου βασιλικῆς γῆς (ἀρούρας) ιβ
περὶ τὴν κώμην, ἐν δὲ τῶι λβ (ἔτει)
Ἐπεὶφ τοῦ διασαφουμένου μου ἀδελφοῦ
10μεταλλάξαντος τὸν βίον οὔτε σπέρμα
οὔτʼ ἄλλο οὐθὲν ἁπλῶς ἀπολιπόντος,
ὅθεν ἠνάγκασμαι ἅπασαν τὴν γῆν
ἐπανελέσθαι, καὶ καμοῦ(*) πρὸς τῶι ποτισμῶι
καὶ τοῖς ἔργοις γινομένου, ἡ τοῦ
15Μεστασύτμιος γενομένη γυνὴ
Αὖγχις, κακοσχολοῦσα καὶ διασεῖσαί
με βουλομένη παρὰ τὴν σὴν πρ[ο]αίρεσιν
καὶ τὸ καλῶς ἔχον, ἐπιδέδωκεν
κατʼ ἐμοῦ ὑπομνήματα ὡς ἀπενη-
20νεγμένου ἀπὸ τῶν τοῦ Μεστασύτμιος
πυροῦ (ἀρτάβας) ι καὶ τήλεως (ἀρτάβας) ι,
οὐθένος τοιούτου ὄντος, καὶ διʼ ὃν πε-
πόηται(*) παραλογισμὸν συμβέβη-
κεν περισπᾶσθαί με ἀλόγως ἀπὸ
25τῆς βασιλικῆς γῆς, ἔτι δὲ καὶ
ἐπελθοῦσα κατεσφράγισταί μου οἶκον
ἐν ὧι τήλεως̣ ε̣ἰ̣ς̣ (ἀρτάβας) β. διʼ ἣν αἰτίαν
τὴν ἐπὶ σὲ καταφυγὴν πεποημένος(*)
ἀξιῶ, ἐὰν φαίνηται, συντάξαι
30γράψαι Σαραπίωνι τῶι ἐπιστάτει(*)
ἐξαποστεῖλαι αὐτὴν ἐπὶ σέ, ἵνʼ ἐγὼ
μὲν τύχω τοῦ δικαίου αὐτὴ δʼ ἐπι-
πληχθῆι. τούτου δὲ γενομένου ἔσο̣μ̣α̣ι̣


^ 13. l. ἐμοῦ
^ 22-23. l. πε|ποίηται
^ 28. l. πεποιημένος
^ 30. l. ἐπιστάτηι

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APIS Translation (English)

To Phanias, one of the first friends and strategos and supervisor of the revenues, from Onnophris son of Petemounis, one of the cultivators of Crown land of Oxyrhyncha. I was engaged in company with my brother Mestasytmis also called Pates, son of Petemounis, in the cultivation of 12 arouras of crown land at the village; and in the 32nd year, in Epeiph, my above-mentioned brother passed away, leaving neither seed-grain nor anything else at all, and so I was forced to take over all the land. While I was engaged in irrigation and work the former wife of Mestasytmis, Aynchis, mischievously wishing to practice extortion on me contrary to your intentions and the right, submitted memoranda against me, pretending I had carried off out of Mestasytmis' property 10 artabas of wheat and 10 of fenugreek, though nothing of the sort had occurred, and through her false statement it came about that I was unreasonably disturbed from the crown land, and further she went and sealed up my house, in which was as much as 2 artabas of fenugreek. For this reason I take refuge with you and beg you, if you think fit, to have a letter written to Sarapion the Epistates, ordering him to send her before you in order that I may obtain justice and she be punished. If this is done, I shall have received succor. Farewell.