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p.tebt.3.1.786 = HGV P.Tebt. 3 .1 786 = Trismegistos 5372 = berkeley.apis.42

DDbDP transcription: p.tebt.3.1.786 [xml]

c138BC Tebtynis

Φανί[αι τῶν] πρώτων φίλων
καὶ στρα[τηγ]ῶι καὶ ἐπὶ τῶν προσόδων
παρὰ [τ]ῶν ἐξ Ὀξυρύγχων βασιλικῶν
γεωργῶν. ἠνδραγαθηκότων
5ἡμῶν κατὰ τὰς σὰς παρακλήσεις
καὶ κατεσπαρκότων ἣν γεωργοῦμεν
βασιλικὴν γῆν δανεισαμένων τε
οὐκ ὀλία(*) χρήματα εἰς τὸ μηθὲν
ὑστέρημα γενέσθαι ⁦ vac. ? ⁩ καὶ τὰ
10ἐκ τῆς γῆς γενήματα ἀνακε-
κομικότων ἐπὶ τὴν βασιλικὴν
ἅλω ⁦ vac. ? ⁩ καὶ παρεστακότων ⟦ταῦτα⟧
\παραδ̣ο̣  ̣  ̣  ̣/ εἰς τὸ βασιλικόν, ⁦ vac. ? ⁩ προορωμένων
δὲ τὰς \γινομένας παραλογέας(*)/ ὑπʼ ἐνίων τῶν μὴ ἀπὸ
15τοῦ βελτίστου ἀναστρεφομένων
καὶ παραβαινόντων τὰ περὶ τῶν
γεωργῶν ὑπάρχοντα προστάγματα
καὶ τὰς παρὰ σοῦ προσπεπτωκυί-
ας περὶ τῶν ὁμοίων \τοῖς ἐπιστάταις/ ἐντολάς,
20ἀξιοῦμέν σε, ἐὰν φαίνηται, ἀντι-
λαβόμενον ἡμῶν καὶ τῶν
βασιλικῶν συντάξαι γράψαι
Δημητρίωι καὶ Στεφάνωι τοῖς
ἐπιστάταις κα[τα]κολουθή-
25σαντα\ς/ τοῖς προγεγραμ[μένοις]
μηθενὶ καθʼ ὁντινοῦ[ν] τρό[π]ον
\ἐπιτρέπειν/ παραλογεύειν ἡμᾶς μηδʼ [ε]ἰσ-
βιάζεσθαι εἰς τὰς ἅλως
ἀλλὰ τοὺς τοιούτους ἐκπέμπειν
30ἐπὶ σὲ κατὰ μηθὲν συνα̣π̣-
ενεχθέντας, ὅπως διαλ̣ά̣β̣η̣[ις](*)
περὶ αὐτῶν κατὰ τὸ φανερόν.
τούτου δὲ γενομένου ⟦υ̣  ̣⟧ δυ[νη-]
σόμεθα τὰ ἐκφόρια ἐκ πλήρ[ο]υς
35παραδοῦναι τυχόντες τῆς
σῆς ἀντιλήμ̣ψεως, καὶ κουθὲν(*)
διάπτωμα [τῶι] β̣α̣σ̣ι̣λ̣[εῖ] γ̣ε̣ν̣ή̣σ̣[εται].


^ 8. l. ὀλίγα
^ 14. l. παραλογείας
^ 31. l. διαλάβῃς
^ 36. l. οὐθὲν

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APIS Translation (English)

To Phanias, one of the first friends and strategos and overseer of the revenues, from the farmers of crown land at Oxyrhyncha. Since we have done our best at your bidding and sown the Crown land we farm and borrowed no small sum of money to avoid any deficiency and conveyed the produce of the land to the royal threshing-floor and delivered it to the royal store, guarding against the extortions practiced by certain officials whose conduct is not of the best and who transgress the regulations dealing with the position of cultivators of crown land and the injunctions that have proceeded from you to the epistatai about such matters, we beg you, if it seem good, to come to our aid and that of the crown revenues, and order a letter to be written to Demetrios and Stephanos, epistatai, that in accordance with the above they should permit no one in any way to tax us unfairly or force his way on to the threshing-floors, but send all such before you with no removal of any kind on their part, so that you may pass judgement publicly on them. If this is done, we shall be enabled to pay our rents in full, thanks to the help obtained from you, and the crown will suffer no loss. Farewell.