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p.wisc.1.3 = HGV P.Wisc. 1 3 = Trismegistos 16812 = wisconsin.apis.5379

DDbDP transcription: p.wisc.1.3 [xml]

AD 257-59 ?

[- ca.27 -]φ̣η̣ [  ̣]ο̣ι̣
στεφάνων̣ μ̣ο̣[υ οὐκ] ὤνησα, ἀλλὰ παν̣τ̣ὶ̣ σθένει
ὁμοῦ τοῖς κοινωνοῖς κατασκευασθῆναι
ἐπεθέμην, οἳ καὶ νῦν ἀπόκεινται ἐν τῷ
5πατρίῳ ἡμῶν ἱ(*)ερῷ Ἀθηνᾶς Θοήρ̣ιδος θεᾶς
μεγίστης. προσῆλθον δὲ μετὰ τα̣[ῦ]τ̣α τῷ
διασημοτάτῳ δ̣ιέποντι τὴν ἡγ̣[ε]μ̣ονίαν
Μουσσίῳ Αἰμ̣ι̣λιανῷ καὶ̣ ἔτυχον [ἐ]ξ ἀντι-
γραφῆς τὴν ἀ̣πὸ τῶν ν̣όμων φι̣λανθρω-
10πίαν περὶ τοῦ̣ μὴ ἐνοχλείσθαι λειτουργι-
ῶν ἕνεκεν γεγηρακότα εἰμὶ γὰρ ὅλων
ὀγδοήκοντα καὶ τριῶν ἐτῶν καὶ τὰ δόξαν-
τα τῷ μεγέθει αὐτοῦ φανερωθῆναι ὑμῖν
ἐποίησα πρὸ πολλοῦ μὲ̣ν ἔτι ἄνωθεν
15καὶ νῦν δὲ διὰ στρατηγικ̣οῦ ὑπηρέτου,
ἀλλὰ μετὰ ταῦτα ὀνομα[σθεὶς εἰς δ]ι̣άδοσιν(*)
τοῖς γενναιοτάτοις στρα̣[τιώταις] τοῖς
εἰς τὴν ἄνω [Α]ἴ̣γυπτο̣ν̣ [πεμφθεῖσιν, εἰς]
ἄλλα̣ς̣ τοῖς μ̣ε̣τὰ τοῦ[το - ca.9 -](*)
20παραγενομέ̣νοις κρ  ̣[- ca.11 -]
καὶ ταύτας ἀπεπλήρωσ̣[α τὰς λειτουργίας](*),
καὶ παρακαλῶ, ὡς ὁράτ[ε με ἀδύνατον]
καὶ τοῖς ὄμμασιν ἀσθε̣[νῆ γεγενη-]
μένον, πρὸς δὲ τούτοι[ς ἔχοντα χάρ-]
25τας τῶν ὑπὸ τοῦ κυρίου [ἡμῶν Μουσσίου]
Αἰμιλιανοῦ τοῦ διασημ[οτάτου τεταγμέ-]
νων, ἃ\ς/ καὶ νῦν ὑμῖν δ̣[είξω, περὶ τοῦ ἐνο-]
χλεῖν μοι μηκέτι πε̣ρ̣[ὶ λειτουργιῶν ἀδυ-]
νάτῳ καὶ τῷ σώμ̣α̣τ̣ι̣ [ἀσθενεῖ ὄντι,]
30τοῖς ἀναλώμ̣ασι δὲ τ[ελῶ   ̣  ̣  ̣  ̣  ̣  ̣  ̣  ̣]


^ 5. ϊερω papyrus
^ 16. BL 12.114 : ὀνομά[σθην εἰς ἀ]ν̣άδοσιν prev. ed.
^ 19. BL 12.114 : τού[των ἐνθάδε] BL 7.99 : του  ̣  ̣[- ca.11 -] prev. ed.
^ 21. BL 12.114 : ἀπεπλήρωσ̣[α τὰς χρείας] BL 7.99 : ἀπεπλήρωσ̣[α ἀλλὰ νῦν αἰτῶ] prev. ed.

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APIS Translation (English)

- - - - - - - - -] I have not taken advantage of the honorary crowns awarded to me, which lie even now in the shrine of Athene-Thoeris, the very great goddess, in our native town, but with my colleagues I have exerted myself with might and main, in order that they were finished. After that I went to the most illustrious deputy of the prefecture, Mussius Aemilianus, and received in reply the humanity of the laws as regards my no longer being troubled in connection with liturgies, because I have grown old-for I have already reached full eighty-three years-and long ago I have seen to it, right from the start, that those things which his greatness had thought fit, were made clear to you and even now I continue to do so through the strategus��� servant, but afterwards I was appointed to see to the equipment of the most brave soldiers that were sent to Lower Egypt; ( I was appointed to see to) other (provisionings) for the after [ ] added [ ] and this, too, I have fulfilled, but now I ask and request you because you see that I am not and have grown weak of sight, having besides copies of that which was instructed by our lord the most illustrious Mussius Aemilianus, which I shall also show you now, as regards troubling me no more in connection with liturgies, because I am not able and am weak of body, but I shall contribute [ ] to expenses.