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p.david.4 = HGV P.David 4 = Trismegistos 5045 = leidenpapinst.apis.p0064 = sb.10.10283

DDbDP transcription: p.david.4 [xml]

167/114 BC ?
[Reprinted from: sb.10.10283] SB 10 10283

Ἑρμίας Ἑρμίο̣υ Πέρσης τῆς̣
ἐπιγονῆς Λέοντι Ὀρσεν̣ο̣[υ-]
φις(*) χαίριν(*). ὁμολογῶ ἔχειν π[α-]
ρά σου τοὺς τρῖς(*) μετρητὰς
5τοῦ οἴνου σὺν ἡμιολίᾳ οὓς̣
καὶ ἀποδῶ(*) σοι ἐ(*) μηνὶ Ἐπὶφ
τοῦ τρίτου ἔτους ἀπὸ τοῦ
ὑ̣π̣άρχο̣ν̣τ̣ο̣ύ̣ς(*) μου γενήμα-
τος, οἶνον ν̣έον ἀρεστὸν μέ-
10τρῳ ᾧ̣ ἂν τὴν ἐξάντλη-
σιν πο̣ιῶμα̣ι. ἐὰν δὲ μὴ ἀπο-
δῶ καθ̣ʼ ἃ γέγραπται, ἀποτί-
σω(*) σοι ἑκάστου κεραμίου
χαλκοῦ δραχμαμὰς(*) τρισ-
15χειλίας(*) . ἡ δὲ χεὶρ ἥδε κυ-
ρία ἔστω πανταχῇ ἐπιφε-
(ἔτους) γ Παχὼν θ


^ r.2-3. l. Ὀρσεν̣ο̣[ῦ]|φιος
^ r.3. l. χαίρειν
^ r.4. l. τρεῖς
^ r.6. l. ἀποδώ<σω>
^ r.6. l. ἐ<ν>
^ r.8. l. ὑπάρχοντός
^ r.12-13. l. ἀποτεί|σω
^ r.14. l. δραχμὰς
^ r.14-15. l. τρισ|χιλίας

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APIS Translation (English)

P. L. Bat. 17 4 (English) Hermias, son of Hermias, Πέρσης τῆς ἐπιγονῆς, to Leon, son of Orsenouphis, greetings. I declare that I have received from you the three metretes of wine, including the half thereof, which I shall pay back to you in the month of Epeiph of the third year from my own vintage, new, good wine with the measure with which I usually pour out. If, however, I do not pay it back as is written, I shall pay you three thousand copper drachmas for each keramion as fine. This document shall be valid wherever it may be produced. In the third year, the ninth Pachon.