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sb.18.13364 = HGV SB 18 13364 = Trismegistos 14746 = berkeley.apis.208 = p.tebt.2.641

DDbDP transcription: sb.18.13364 [xml]

AD99/100 Tebtynis
[Reprinted from: p.tebt.2.641] PTebt2,641

ἔτους τρίτου Αὐτοκράτορος Καίσαρος Νέρουα Τραιανοῦ Σεβαστοῦ
Γερμανικοῦ. εἴρ(γασται) ἐν τῇ ὀρινῇ διώ(ρυχι) Πολ(έμωνος) ἐφʼ ἡ(μέρας) πέντε ὑπ(ὲρ)
χωμ(ατικῶν) τοῦ αὐτοῦ [τρ]ίτου (ἔτους) (hand 2) Τεβτύνεως
Ἥρω̣ν̣ Ἡρώδο(υ) το(ῦ) Ἀφροδ(  ) μη(τρὸς) Φιλουμ̣(ένης).
5(hand 3) Σαραπ(ίων) κ̣(ατασπορεὺς) σεση(μείωμαι).
(hand 4) Ἀφρό(δείτος) σ(εσ)η(μείωμαι).
(hand 5) Πτολ(εμαῖος) σεση(μείωμαι)
(hand 6) Ἰ̣σίδ̣ω̣(ρος) σ(εσ)η(μείωμαι).

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APIS Translation (English)

Year three of Imperator Caesar Nerva Trajanus Augustus Germanicus. Has performed for five days for work on dikes for the same third year in the desert canal of Polemon, (2nd h.) on behalf of Tebtunis, Heron, son of Herodes the son of Aphrod( ), his mother being Philoumene. (3rd h.) I, Sarapion, katasporeus, have signed. (4th h.) I, Aphrodeitos, have signed. (5th h.) I, Ptolemaios, have signed. (6th h.) I, Isidoros, have signed.