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sb.8.9924d = HGV SB 8 9924 P.Osl. Inv. No. 1020 = Trismegistos 14300 = oslo.apis.93

DDbDP transcription: sb.8.9924d [xml]

AD195 Tebtynis

ἔτους γ Λουκ(ίου) Σεπ(τιμίου) Σεουήρου
Περτίνακ(ος) Σεβαστοῦ
εἴργ(ασται) ὑπ(ὲρ) χω(ματικῶν) γ (ἔτους) Παῦ-
νι κθ ἕως Ἐπὶφ γ ἐν
5ὀρι(νῇ) Πολ(έμωνος) Τεβ(τύνεως) (πενθ)ή(μερον)
Κοπρῆς Ἀπ(  ) Πτολ(  ).

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APIS Translation (English)

The third year of Lucius Septimius Severus Pertinax Augustus. Has worked for the embankment works of the third year from Payni the 29th to Epeiph the 3rd in the desert canal of Polemon, on behalf of Tebtunis, for the five days' work: Kopres, son of Ap( ) Ptol().