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zpe.160.178 = HGV SB 14 11435 = Trismegistos 4244 = oslo.apis.96 = sb.14.11435

DDbDP transcription: zpe.160.178 [xml]

II sac Arsinoite
[Reprinted from: sb.14.11435] SB 14 11435

ἔτους κα Ἐπε̣ὶ̣φ γ πέ̣π̣(τωκεν)
ἐπὶ τὸ ἐν τῆι Πολέ(μωνος) με(ρίδι) λο(γευτήριον)
Μαρῶνι τῶι παρὰ Διοτ̣ί̣(μου)
τρ(απεζίτου) ὥστε βα(σιλεῖ) παρὰ Τρύφωνος
5τοῦ Κόμωνος ἀπὸ τῶν
ε̣ἰ̣ς Χομῆνιν τον πα(  ) ἐπιγρα(φῆς) ἀ̣μ(πέλου(?))
ἐπαρο(υρίου) Θεογο(νίδος) τοῦ κα (ἔτους)
χα(λκοῦ) (τάλαντον) ἓν τρισχ(ίλιαι) ψ (γίνεται) (τάλαντον) α Γψ.

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APIS Translation (English)

The 21st year, Epeiph 3. Paid into the royal bank in the city to Maros, agent of Dionysios, banker, on account of the king, by Tryphon, son of Komon, of what I have received for us of the whole assessment, for acreage-tax from Theogonis for the 21st year, three thousand 700 copper drachmae, total 3700 drachmae.