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AD158 Arsinoiton Polis, Krokodilopolis, Ptolemais Euergetis
[Reprinted from: p.ryl.2.106] PRyl2,106

Ἀπολλωνίδῃ καὶ Διδύμῳ γρα(μματεῦσι)
παρὰ Καπίτωνος συντρόφου ἀπε-
λευθέρου Πτολέμας μητρὸς Τασου-
5χαρίου ἀναγρα(φομένου) ἐπʼ ἀμφόδο(υ) Ἀπολλω-
νίου Ἱ(*)ερακείου. ὁ ὁμομήτριός
μου ἀδελφὸς Ἁρποκ̣ρᾶς Ἁρποκρᾶ̣
τοῦ Ἁρποκρατίωνος μητρὸς
Τασουχαρίου τελῶν τὰ ἐπι-
10κεφάλαια ἐπὶ τοῦ προκειμένου
ἀμφό̣δου Ἀπολλωνίου Ἱ(*)ερακίου
ἐτ̣[ελεύτησ]ε̣ τῷ διεληλυθότι
μ[ηνὶ Φα]ρμοῦθι τοῦ ἐνεστ(ῶτος) κα (ἔτους)
Ἀντωνίνου Καίσαρος τοῦ κυρίου.
15διὸ ἐπιδίδωμι ὅπως ταγῇ
αὐ[τ]οῦ τὸ ὄνομα ἐν τῇ τῶν
τετελ(ευτηκότων) τάξει. ―
(hand 2) κατεχω(ρίσθη) γρα(μματεῦσι) μητροπ(όλεως) περὶ τελ(ευτῆς)
20(ἔτους) κα Ἀντωνίνου Καίσαρος τοῦ κυρίου
Μεσορὴ λ


^ 6. ϊερακειου. papyrus
^ 11. ϊερακιου papyrus

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HGV 12902 Translation (English) [xml]

1  ‘To Apollonides and Didymus, scribes of the metropolis, from Capiton, foster-brother and freedman of Ptolema, his mother being Tasoucharion, registered in the quarter of the Hawk-shrine of Apollonius. My brother on my mother's side Harpocras son of Harpocras son of Harpocration, his mother being Tasoucharion, paying capitation-dues in the aforesaid quarter of the Hawk-shrine of Apollonius, died in the past month Pharmouthi of the present 21st year of Antoninus Caesar the lord. I therefore give notice in order that his name may be placed on the list of deceased persons. (Signed) Notice was filed with the scribes of the metropolis concerning the death of Harpocras, the 21st year of Antoninus Caesar the lord, Mesore 30.’